Hobbs+Black’s healthcare studio’s philosophy involves an understanding of needs – whether it be promoting a welcoming and caring environment, incorporating new advances in technology and operations, creating or extending the dignified tradition of a healthcare institution or establishing an appropriate fixture in the community.

A well-designed space can alleviate a lot of patient anxieties and can truly impact a patient’s recovery and healing process in a positive way. Utilizing principles of Evidence Based Design, we focus on hospitality to create warm, caring and inviting spaces for patients and their visitors, as well as operational functionality to allow staff to provide care in the best efficiency possible. Whether developing large hospitals, medical buildings, ambulatory care centers or smaller community facilities, we integrate hospitality and functionality throughout the design phase because no matter how big or small a project may be, the impact on the patient, families and staff is always significant.

Additionally, Hobbs+Black understands the needs of our clients, especially in terms of branding. Our designs are meant to capture the essence of the mission and vision of the healthcare system and ensure that their priorities and values are incorporated into their facilities. Part of this includes an understanding of the location of the structure and its relationship to the community. Because healthcare facilities represent a tremendous capital investment in a community, we design to budget. By attending to the needs of the community at large, we conceptualize the facility appropriately, whether creating a future landmark in an urban locale or developing in a rural setting.

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