2|42 Community Church 

Ann Arbor, MI

2|42 Ann Arbor is the second campus for the growing church. Built on an identity of “community first,” the facilities they live, work, and play in are designed to be more of a focused center of community than a church. Through the completion of renovations and additions to their main campus in Brighton, MI, 2|42 saw the direct relationship between the type of facilities they operate and the impact they can have on the community, and knew it was time to bring a more complete vision to their Ann Arbor campus.

A host of meetings room, indoor play fields, café, and dedicated auditoriums are open for public use throughout the week. The new facility also shares a common design aesthetic with the Brighton campus; raw steel and barn-wood work together to create a sense of place through the use of live materials. Meanwhile, shipping containers and other distinct volumes work to identify distinct programs within the space.