Blue LLama Jazz Club


Originally built between 1916 and 1925; the Blue LLama Jazz Club renovation focused on a fresh design of the bar, kitchen, unique restrooms, optimal stage viewing, and custom finishes. The resulting design created an expanded kitchen and food service program, a new VIP entrance, and a sophisticated curvilinear floor and ceiling plan with complex detailing.

The exterior facade was designed to reflect a modern approach on an art deco aesthetic for a classic jazz venue. Similarly, the interior balances timeless and sophisticated design through layers of fine detail, texture, and lighting. Various seating types and flexible seating arrangements give the venue the ability to adjust the guest accommodations as best fit for each event.

Particular attention was given to acoustical design for this project. With concert venue directly above the space, care to isolate sounds from outside was critical. Additionally, special care was given to fine tuning the interior acoustics to create the optimal sound within the space to a level suitable for recording sessions of performances.