Lansing's Arts Impact Project

On October 17th 2016, two of Hobbs + Black’s very own presented an urban placemaking project to the Lansing Economic Area Partners and the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Paige Spagnuolo and Brendan Sprite stepped up to the podium and illustrated a community engaging project which featured color changing LED light art, colorful, geometric, graphic art, an eye catching tensile canopy, and a spiral staircase. The submission seeks to enhance public realm while reconnecting the south side of Michigan Avenue to the Lansing Rivertrail.

During the several weeks prior to the presentation, Hobbs + Black’s Lansing office collaborated to select a meaningful site and develop a design that would address the City of Lansing’s current efforts to revitalize the Michigan Avenue Corridor. The team’s site is located where the Rivertrail crosses under Michigan Avenue in downtown Lansing. The team designed both an engaging access point at the street level and a colorful art installation under the bridge.

The Arts Impact Project Panel will review the submissions over the next couple months and will announce a winner by January 1, 2017. The project selected will be awarded $75,000 for the development of a permanent creative structure.