The Huron Valley BIM User Group (HuVaBUG) held its April meeting at Hobbs+Black. The group is open to all local BIM users in the Ann Arbor / Huron Valley area. 

BIM Roundtable: Interactive Discussion

The group enjoyed an open discussion highlighting the ways BIM is currently being utilized by the array of users present. Dialogue included what types of presentations the group would like to include in the future and the best ways to share knowledge, techniques, and best practices based on the various experiences of the users.

Technology Segment: Real-time Scanning with Drone Technology

Chad Studer with ADSK Solutions presented some of the growing uses of drone technology including surveying land and building facades. Drones can capture incredibly accurate, detailed data in a relatively quick timeframe making them a valuable tool for documenting and recording spaces that would otherwise be difficult to access by traditional methods.
After the presentation, the group got to try their hand at taking a drone for a flight over the Hobbs+Black parking lot.