Beaumont Northwood Project Gains Momentum

Hobbs+Black Architects team successfully obtained a 7-2 vote approval to advance the new Beaumont Northwood redevelopment project to City Council.  The redevelopment work, which will bring about 200 temporary construction jobs and 150 permanent jobs to the area, is expected to begin next summer following approval of the site plan. 

Immediately adjacent to the hospital campus is a 17 acre parcel which extends to the major street intersection of Woodward Avenue and 13 Mile Road. The health system is the landowner of the parcel which presently has a community shopping center located on it. This Master Planning effort considers redevelopment of that site: Removal of the shopping center and replacement with approximately 500,000 square feet of mixed-use development in a series of buildings. The facilities are organized along an artery extending from the main hospital to the major street intersection and provides for a view corridor of the entire medical campus. Anticipated facilities for the development include.

  • A series of multiple facilities that are flexible for retail/mixed use ranging from 18,000 – 42,000 square feet 
  • A 100 suite hotel to accommodate patient and family lodging
  • Plaza and park facilities for outdoor events

The proposed new architecture will be in the context of an attractive setting that expands the green space and walkability of the site. It will enhance the environment for the community-at-large, visitors, employees and patients. The anticipated development goes beyond task of providing additional building facilities and creating a walkable community which integrates a patient care and community open air environment. The concept will ultimately strengthen the Beaumont brand and provide for a wellness environment interlaced with the adjoining neighborhoods. This program ultimately provides Beaumont with a long-term platform for planned growth. Hobbs+Black is proud to be a part of  this new community redevelopment hub. 

Amanda Ciliberti