Eastern Michigan University Credit Union New Branch - Ribbon Cutting

Hobbs+Black Architects recently attended the ribbon cutting for a completed Work Space Studio design project for the EMU Credit Union. The all new Eastern Michigan University Credit Union celebrated the opening of a new branch in the Student Union building on the EMU campus on June 20, 2017.

The new space in the Student Union will serve the on-campus population at EMU. The design includes a custom photo mural on the main wall of the space that contains scenes from campus life at EMU with the central Eastern "E" in the center. A custom glass and green lettered horizontal sign runs above the entry bulkhead to the space and establishes the identity of the institution to all who pass through the building. A sliding glass partition mounted under the bulkhead closes off the space when it is not open.

The EMU Credit Union recently merged with the UofM credit Union. The new EMU Credit Union uses the EMU color palette throughout the interior design and in the environmental graphics and new furnishings. The symmetrical floor plan holds a central seating area in the center of the plan with adjacent meeting rooms and offices off each side of the central area. 

Congratulations to the design team for creating such a welcoming and creative space in the new Student Union building at EMU for the EMU Credit Union. For more information on our Work Space design studio see our web page at this LINK.

Here is a gallery from the ribbon cutting event: