AIA Architecture Week 2018 - Spotlight: Wayne Chubb

National Architecture Week is here!

At Hobbs+Black, our dedicated and talented team of design professionals routinely bring ideas to life. During #ArchWeek18, we're taking this opportunity to introduce our key associates who make a shared vision reality.

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Getting to know the architects at Hobbs+Black

Wayne Chubb, AIA

1. Who/what influenced your desire to become an architect?

My parents and grandparents. Fortunate to have traveled often with them while growing up, I was exposed to architecture and people. It’s these experiences that opened my eyes to the built environment.

2. How long have you been in the industry?

This year marks 20 years since my first internship in architecture.

3. Is there anything that inspires your work?

Satisfied clients and seeing people experience the finished product.

4. Why did you decide to become an architect? What do you enjoy most about your chosen profession?

Architecture is the collaboration of art, history and engineering, all of which I enjoy. The thing I enjoy most about the profession is that there is never a repetitive day, each comes with a new client, a new project, and a new set of challenges.

5. Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I worked as a security guard at the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia and was stationed at Centennial Park where the bombing went off. Luckily it was my night off, but was later interviewed by the FBI.

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