Ingham County Animal Shelter

Lansing, Michigan

Hobbs+Black, teamed with Animal Arts and Granger Construction, were brought on board to create a loving, nurturing environment for the design and construction of a new animal shelter. Design emphasizes animal welfare and finding homes for adoptable animals while meeting sustainable standards.

The new building contains indoor and outdoor kennels and cages supporting an average of 96 dogs and 133 cats. Features include an outdoor “cat-io” to showcase adoptable cats; a large, flexible community space ideal for events such as their yearly adopt-a-thon; staff and volunteer support equipment and spaces; and animal support including quarantine/isolation rooms for strays, exam rooms, vet work rooms, x-ray, and surgery.

These areas are seamlessly integrated in a pleasant environment effectively using natural lighting and calming design elements. The layout incorporates ergonomic design to increase operational efficiency and productivity, while maintaining appropriate separation of public and staff areas.