Santé of Tucson

tucson, ARIZONA

Santé Tucson is a new mixed-use senior healthcare facility in Arizona called Santé of Tucson. Santé of Tucson has short-term rehabilitation skilled nursing care, assisted living services and Alzheimer and dementia care services. The 89-private patient room facility is developed on a very limited urban site in the community. Supporting the requirements of this site, the facility is organized in a two-story format with a major courtyard as its center. In addition to providing a pleasant environment for patient rooms, the courtyard serves as an extension of the hospital’s dining room, rehabilitation areas and gathering space. The architecture of Santé of Tucson reflects the transitional aesthetic environment of the community; contemporary while being reflective of traditions of the southwest. Warm colors along with textures and special aesthetic details including a green screen support the neighborhoods caring and progressive nature.