Spartan Motors

Charlotte, MIchigan

Hobbs+Black has completed a large number of projects for Spartan Motors at their Charlotte, Michigan campus. Plant 1 is a 36,000 sf renovation with a new service garage built to service motor homes and includes 40 foot service pits. The 50,100 sf Plant 5 was repurposed into a complete assembly facility for Department of Defense vehicles.  Plant 6 is a 31,700 sf transformation of a former retail warehouse space into a repair and shipping facility for 15 ton Department of Defense vehicles and includes a 3,000 sf welding shop addition. Plant 8 is a 111,847 sf large fire truck cabs assembly and paint plant. Formerly a 8,307 sf MBT Telephone building, Plant 9 was renovated to provide fire truck prototype design facilities. Plant 10 is a 60,183 sf office building for Spartan’s engineering, IT and sales group which includes centralized computers connected to the rest of the campus.  Plant 11 is a 14,974 sf prototype and design facility that houses two open build areas, two below grade service pits, seven truck bays and a dynamometer.