Legislative Day

With 4 attendees from Hobbs+Black, the 2016 AES Legislative Day was well attended! Each attendee had the opportunity to meet with their local representatives and present the A/E/S position on 5 different talking points in different stages of the legislative process. Included in those issues is HB 5238-5245 Qualification-Based Selection (Support), HB-5000 Event Barn Language Change To Construction Code (Oppose), SB-149 Certificate of Merit (Support), Lien Law for Design Professionals (Support), and HB-5232/ SB 720 Historic Districts (Oppose). Not only is Legislative Day a great opportunity to get involved in the state lobbying process but it provides a chance to interface with government officials and shape the identity of architecture in Michigan. 

Between meetings with legislatures, educational opportunities were available discussing drone liability,  green and sustainable practices, Place Making as an Economic Tool, and architectural success, and failure case studies. All applicable topics in an ever advancing society.